What is

Our software enables active engagement between brands and their communities. We make life easier and efficient by automating time-consuming tasks. Using your social data, Twitter handles and #hashtags, our platform maps relevant signals and provides you with a dashboard to monitor and measure your social media programs effectively.

How Does
It Work?

CrowdChat™ App acts as a trusted environment for your social media programs, while CrowdChat Platform™ creates a closed loop measurement of your social media investments by analyzing your communities social data. Our Platform does this through automated listening, machine learning and statistical algorithms, providing actionable insights and measuring your progress and effectiveness.

Our platform needs only 2 steps:
1. Your existing social media handles
2. The #hashtags you want to own.

Easily discover your social consumers with our 1-Click Community™ technology and improve the engagement of your community.


Engagement CrowdChat™ App is a fun and easy way for users to connect in real time across multiple social networks- with hashtags.

Trust As an enterprise ready application, CrowdChat™ provides a brand proctected and controlled environment to host engaging conversations and protect your brand.

Insights Our 1-Click Community™ technology automatically provides predictive analysis and actionable results using real time updates from your social communities.


The 1-Click Community™ technology will improve the efficiency and productivity of your social media team by creating instant, automated listening capabilities for your community.


CrowdChat™ App carefully crafts your discussions to achieve powerful SEO results so your social consumers can easily search and discover your conversations.

Data Science

We believe data informs us- this is why we built an innovative platform that delivers actionable results based on machine learning, Affinity Rank™, custom data models and trend prediction.




Basic entry-level service for engaging group conversations across multiple social networks with hashtags.

Includes following features:
  • User Participation from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIN
  • Embed chats in blogs/websites
  • Easy to read comment threading
  • Voting
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Basic social analytics
  • Limited CrowdChats


Extend data science to accelerate engagement data for advanced social marketing performance.

Includes all community features PLUS:
  • Unlimited CrowdChats
  • Chat Moderation
  • 1-Click Community™ technology
  • Full Twitter Firehose
  • Top trending Stories
  • Hashtag trend prediction
  • People classification
  • Engagement/influencer metrics
  • Analyze your follower’s tweets
  • Custom data science modeling
  • Brand Protection
  • Reservation of multiple hashtags
  • Searchable dashboard
  • Social Media Team Impact Analysis
  • Social Media Team Training



Tweets Analyzed

Profiles Analyzed